Foods That Make You Younger

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It is an evident fact that aging is a continuous but slow process, no matter what you have to face the nature’s reality. No one ever liked to grow old or to have wrinkles on the face; everybody loves to look vibrantly young.

There is an extensive list of foods that can make you look younger. Below are the most common foods to reverse the aging process by making it slow.


Vegetables are a gift from nature, and if you consume them in an organic form, then you must be having a glowing skin. Vegetables are enriched with nutrients and are totally less in calories. Vegetables have a bulk of antioxidants in them which prevent your skin from radical damage from the sun.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin oil is attributed towards preventing diseases posting towards aging as it a world’s healthiest fat.

It has certain vitamins and minerals which help in reducing cardiac arrests, maintains blood pressure, relieves arthritis, metabolic disorders and even helps in fighting cancer.
Olive oil consists of fat which is associated with skin radiance and vibrancy. Olive oil consists 73% of fat, classified as a mono-un-saturated fat which prevents skin dullness. Also, it has high anti-inflammatory properties.


Avocadoes are best for heart-healthy as they are composed of healthy fibers, minerals, and other elements. They help in the deep protection of skin reaching its DNA maintaining the firmness.


Flaxseeds contain an essential nutrient having control over many aging evoking diseases like reducing blood sugar and insulin levels, lowering cholesterol level, also, beneficial enough to reduce risks of breast cancer; all these functions are done by one master element, lignins.
According to studies, women consumed flaxseeds or flaxseed oil for 12 weeks resulted in moist and shiny skin. Flaxseeds also work as a sun block maintaining your skin quality.


Pomegranates give your skin reddish tones that look beautiful. It is one of the healthiest fruits consumed in the world. These are rich in anti-oxidants, which is even higher than that of green tea.

Best service a pomegranate can serve you is prevention from colon cancer and prevention from imbalanced blood pressure and sugar levels.


Spices serve another function besides adding flavors to your food. They keep you young!
Researchers have found that compounds present in spices can help your skin look smoother and younger.

Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg help in reducing pimples and acne marks on skin ultimately making you look younger than your age. The plant compounds in spices raise collagen production inside your skin cells which enhance the tightness of your skin. It also prevents harsh symptoms arising from disturbed blood sugar level. Moreover, gingerol present in ginger helps in vanishing the age spots occurring on your skin.

Cocoa or Chocolate

Darker the chocolate smoother will be your skin, because it has high flavanol amount which protects skin from direct sun rays keeping the skin hydrated and firm. A study shows that people who eat more chocolates get prevented by the redness occurred getting in front of the sun.

Pro Tip: Always remember, you are beautiful!