11 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging

Looking younger is a dream many fantasize but fail to live it.  Everyone tries to make sure that they always appear young and never let that beautiful skin bulge with signs of premature aging.

With time, our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles due to our exposure to direct sun, or our hectic routines, stress, carelessness and more. What should we do to prevent this early on and nip the sagging skin in the bud?Below are some tips on preventing ourselves premature aging:

1. Sunbathing Causes Premature Wrinkles

Too much sun exposure damages skin cells making it more prone to premature aging. The harmful UV rays accelerate the aging process.

2. Smoking Harms Your Skin

If you are at it, you should definitely eliminate it once and for all. Nicotine narrows blood vessels in the outermost layer of your skin. It lessens the amount of blood flowing to your skin. With less blood flow, our skin doesn’t get the desired amount of oxygen and other important nutrients. As a result, you will notice your skin begins to sag and wrinkle.

3. Eating Healthy is the Key to Beautiful You

A balanced diet is a sure-fire way to make sure that you stay evergreen! Add all the components in your daily diet so that your body gets the necessary nutrients that are vital to beautiful skin. Add them up in balanced proportions so that nothing is excessive or less.

4. Cleanse Daily to Prevent Aging

Cleansing your face on a daily basis helps your skin to breathe and stay fresh. And while you are at it, be gentle as being too harsh while cleansing will speed up the aging process.

5. Moisturize Your Skin to Keep Aging at Bay

Lack of water dries up our skin which leads to premature aging. Applying a moisturizer traps water in our skin which keeps it from drying.

6. Exercise Daily for Youthful Skin

Experts suggest that exercise increases blood circulation and boosts immune system which results in a more youthful skin.

7. Stay Away from Skin Care Products that Burn

Using such products can cause irritation to your skin, which in turn will make it look older.

8. Hydrate!

Your body is 60 percent water, which we lose due to sweating and urinating, to keep the water level in our body intact, it is important that we drink 8 to 12 glasses daily even when we don’t feel the need to. Drinking more water increases blood flow to every part of the body including your skin, which makes it soft and supple.

9. Take Care of Your Ears

Listening to loud music is another factor that leads to aging. So turn down the volume while listening to music since loud noise causes vibration which frays the hair in your ears which vibrate in response.

10. Hit the Spa

A little self-pampering does not hurt anybody, right? So hit the spa every once in a while to get a good massage and get your muscles relaxed and improve your circulation. Different illnesses associated with aging are treated with massages like arthritis.

11. Cut Down on Caffeine

Everyone needs a kick in the morning which is possible with some caffeine intake either with tea or coffee. Fighting the morning blues with caffeine can harm your skin in the long run. Coffee or tea is highly acidic, too much acid messes up with your hormones, as well as drinking too much dehydrates your body which is the greatest factor contributing to premature aging.

Working towards younger looking skin is a process that demands a complete change in your lifestyle. You will not regret this change as you will live your dream to look younger even in your late thirties which is everyone’s ultimate goal!