How Stress Affects Your Body

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Stress is the reaction of a person towards the pressure that he is having in his mind. It could be defined in several ways like one of the researchers described it as” situation in which a person feels uncomfortable because of a certain burden on his mind.”

In simple words, we can say that excessive stress somehow stops person’s ability to deal certain situations some people are right in the stress situation, but some are not able to control these high-level pressure situations. Research says that people who have a good control over their emotions are usually good stress situation handlers. What so ever the situation is, stress has its negative affects to your well being.  Excessive stress affects your body in different ways some of them are discussed below:

Breathing Issues

Stress causes some breathing problems, as it makes you breathe harder. So it leads you to asthma which is caused by airways in-between nose and lungs. Stress can also cause fast breathing which might result in some form of panic attacks.

Problems With the Stomach

Excessive stress causes vomiting, and if it becomes chronic, then it may also lead in developing some ulcers. Stress might also cause some gastric issues because in that situation people eat less or they eat too much which leaves your stomach unbalanced which causes some serious stomach issues. In addition, in certain cases, stress causes individuals to pack on more weight around their abdominal section which results in feeling depressed.

Nervous Breakdown

Stress also causes a nervous breakdown. As during stress situation, the burden is on the brain, so it gets affected. Apart from spinal brain cord and peripheral division also get affected. The person in stress loses the ability to think wisely. Not only the brain but other related parts also get severely affected.

Heart Damage

Prolonged stress can damage your heart very badly. As mentioned above stress also causes difficulty in breathing so when a person is unable to breathe properly than it just means that enough oxygen is not reaching to our heart which is very alarming.

How Can I Release Stress?

To overcome stress issues following steps might be helpful:

Do Not Over Analyze

In order to get rid of stress you need to stop overthinking about any individual matter which is causing you stress. To stop thinking at once would be tough but yes you can take it slowly. And when you stop over thinking than your stress level will automatically decrease.

Try to Socialize

Regardless if you may be anti-social, try to go out, for the sake of overcoming stress. Meet new people and just try to divert your attention from the scenario which is making you said and gave you stress. Make new friends and try to hang out very often with them.

Try to Be Happy

To get out of the stress situation try to be happy as researchers say” smile like you mean it.” As it is said, smiling reduces your stress up to a certain level. Try to enjoy your life because there is a lot of happiness still left in your life.