Diseases Cause Depression

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Depression is a feeling of dejection and depressed mood which simultaneously leads to a severe mental disorder. Its complex nature is still under observation. The main reasons for depression can be genetic, emotional trauma, or suffering from a significant loss in life. People go through continuous phases of deep sadness with thoughts dominating their sub-conscious.

There are other reasons than that of family history or failures that cause long-term depression. Depression is a feeling of deprivation, so, chronic illness can be an utter reason. Chronic illness includes diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, HIV/AIDS, thalassemia, alopecia, etc., that lasts long and leaving a high impact on the patient. The cure for these diseases is sometimes limited, but the patient is treated with certain medicines, diet plan, and exercises. Whole this procedure demands a lot of patience and tolerance.

Why Do People With Chronic Illness Have Depression in Common?

It becomes difficult for patients to accept their chronically ill life until they get cured, even the treatments they go through are painful enough. Health is the most beneficent blessing of God, and when a person goes through with least self-mobilization depending on others, depression becomes a terminal disease of the already ill person. It is assessed that 1/3 of patients going through medical disorders show symptoms of depression. Depression is associated with changing physical behaviors which certainly cause the root levels of dejection. The hardships of the disease posed on the person trigger a fatal psychological reaction aligned towards depression.

Medical Illnesses Cause Depression

Depression increases the chronic element of a disease exacerbating the severity from 10-20% in women and 5-12% in men while those with long-term illnesses faces a much higher rate from 25-33%. Even depression worsens the situation of the epidemic leaving no good effect of any treatment; the symptoms can be harsh causing muscle fatigue and deteriorates patient’s social life making them agitated.

Below, are the most common chronic illnesses that put a severe strain of depression on a person:

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid diseases are most common among the adult population of America leading towards depression. Hyper-thyroids or hypo-thyroids can be an absolute reason to depression while both activities can be detected by a simple blood test that can help tackling depression.

Brain Diseases

Psychiatrists and other medical doctors often diagnose patients with brain diseases moving towards depression.

Any little change in brain cells or neurons can cause depression because depression roots out from brain. Many brain disorders make their track to depression. Most common are the degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia, Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, while other are the traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis brain tumors, brain stroke or brain thrombus, directly causes depression.


Cancer is caused by a mutation in genes and is a major mishap in one’s life. All the horrible and painful chemotherapies and radiotherapies, constantly nauseated feeling and losing one’s independence lead to depression.

Tackling Depression

Chronically ill patients are treated same as the patients with depression, they go through all the meditation and exercise that stops them from being suicidal. People get treatment for both of their diseases at the same time which gives a quick and positive result, bringing them ease and optimism.