10 “Healthy Foods” That Cause Weight Gain

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There are a lot of foods that we think are really good for our health, but they might be actually very bad, causing weight gain. What are those foods? How are they bad? Find out in this article.

Flavored Oatmeal

Flavored oatmeal is nowhere near good for your health. Oatmeal that is flavored has added sugars, and sugars are never good for your body. Unnecessary calories can do a lot of harm.

Energy Bars

Commercials show that having an energy bar can turn you from sleepy to active, we don’t think so. There are a few bars that contain a lot of sugars in the form of candy. So before you buy, check how much sugar is in the ingredients.

Bran Muffins

Bran as a word sounds very healthy. It has a lot of fiber, proteins, and vitamin that are amazing. Bran muffins, on the other hand aren’t so healthy. They have a lot of flour, probably more than bran itself. Packed bran muffins may have an excessive amount of sugar and sodium.

Dried-up Fruit

Sounds great, an instant snack. But not so natural. Companies that package these dried fruits use chemicals to preserve the product. They use sodium dioxide and sugar, which are bad for health.

Frozen Meat

Making a sandwich from a bit of leftover turkey is always fun. But if the sandwich contains frozen meat, not fun. Frozen meat has a lot of salt content to keep it preserved. It also has an excessive amount of sodium.

Sport Drinks

The only thing sporty about these drinks is the name. They are supposed to restore electrolytes, which can be done by natural bananas or coconut water. These drinks usually have sugars and food colors. Instead of keeping you fit, they can cause a gain in weight. On the other hand, using this secret remedy can aid to your weight loss and give you energy through out the day.

Low Fat Milk

Skimmed milk is preferred because of its low fat content. But when the fat is removed, most of the essential vitamins and minerals too. And as a result artificially vitamins and calcium are added to make up for the lost minerals, so there is no benefit at all.

Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit juice is always very good for health. But when you buy packed fruit juice, you’re actually buying artificial flavors and sugars. There are a lot of preservatives that are very bad for your health.


Margarine is vegetable oils, their impurities are removed by steaming, made solid by hydrogenating, lumps are removed by emulsification, grey color is imparted by bleaching, chemical odor is removed by steaming again, colors and synthetic vitamins are added at the end. Does your “Butter” sound very healthy now?

Fruit Cocktail

Everybody loves a nice fruit cocktail. The problem with it that a single small cup of fruit cocktail contains almost 25g of sugars and 110 calories. They are dipped in syrup, which does you no good. Having a fresh fruit salad instead of this is a far better idea.

These were some of the food items that people think are healthy. What do you think? Click here for a short presentation to lose weight and burn belly fat.