Cure Insomnia Naturally

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Why you get insomnia and they don't - find out how to cure insomnia naturally

Insomnia is a disease which means sleeplessness. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people stay awake, wake up often at night many times or have trouble in going back to sleep. It means that one cannot get enough sleep hours during which causes multiple side effects.

Types of Insomnia

There are two types of insomnia. The first type is the one in which a person does not have any health problem but cannot sleep. And the other one is a situation in which a person is having some health issue like depression, cancer, asthma, heartburn.

Causes of Insomnia

The causes of insomnia could be:

• Some life stress or any tensions in life.
• Any emotional and physical discomfort
• A person is suffering from any pain, depression, stress, or anxiety.
• Or the change in the sleeping hours
• Or because of some external noise or light
• Due to change in the environmental factor like temperature, weather, etc.
• Or because of some medications which can disturb your sleeping routine.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia:

It is said that it is harmful to take medicines in minor health problems because it weakens your immune system. So in this condition, natural remedies which have as such no side effects can be used to cure the diseases. Some natural remedies for insomnia are given below:

 Warm Milk

Sipping of warm milk at night before bed could be helpful in sleeping. Warm milk reminds you of the pleasant feeling of your mother memories which help you fall asleep. Almond milk, which is an excellent source of calcium rests your mind.

Make Your Bedroom Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom a place to relax and not a place of watching TV or playing music. Decorate your room with light colors and make it peaceful. The use of technology while sleeping not on lessen your sleep but also damage your eyesight too.

Stick To A Schedule

The human body is habitual of remaining on a schedule. Sometimes changes are necessary too, but our body needs rituality. Like daily exercise makes you active. In this way a habit of sleep at a particular time makes you sleep well. Change in the schedule causes in sleeplessness.


Daily exercise makes you sleep well. Our body needs physical activity which helps us sleep better. It not only just makes you sleep but also when you wake up you will feel more active. But do not exercise just before going sleep it will make you fresh and will not let you sleep.

Positive Thinking

Do not take negative thoughts with you while sleeping. It is a childhood remedy which our elders used to tell us that try to think about positive things like, what you want to become, where you want to go, reflect on the sky the clouds or think about all the good things. It will make you sleep faster.

Blink Your Eyes

This is a kind of natural physical exercise that you can do while you sleep. Blink your eyes faster helps you going into sleep. It’s a mental activity due to which our eyes get tired and helps us to sleep faster.