Burn Fat While Sleeping

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Want to lose weight to fit in your favorite dress? Are you still dieting to reach your goal weight? But tired of following strict diets? After reading this article, you will give it a second thought when you find how you can burn fat while sleeping.

Dieting is helpful in getting a lean body mass. The problem is the rebound effect. That is the weight you gain after you skip dieting. It seems as you have to be on dieting for your entire life to get the perfect figure.
Within this article, you will be given insight on useful ways that will help you achieve your goal. Believe it or not, to do so you don’t need to suppress your cravings. Just a few changes in your daily sleep routines.

More Sleep Equals To Less Fat

Sleep is a critical regulator of metabolism. You can burn fat while you sleep. A study conducted by the University of Chicago researchers claims that less sleep is associated with increased leptin production (satiety hormone) which influences hunger and excess eating. This is, in turn, good news for all dieters that they can maintain their dieting by getting more sleep.

Not only this another research conducted by Pennington Biomedical Research Center suggest that the timing of eating also affects our metabolism during sleep. According to them if you eat more during the morning and less during the night you’ll burn more calories. This means a greater metabolism rate during sleeping! So all you need to do to lose weight is to have more sleep. What can be easier than that?

5 Ways To Get Proper Sleep

There are many times we are not able to get proper sleep because of our busy schedule. Even if we are free, our favorite TV series or movie prevents us from sleeping. To help you out with that here are five ways that can help you plan your sleep timings.

Eat More Protein

Try to get more proteins in your body as compared to carbohydrate and fats. Our body burn more calories to digest proteins. Eat more meat. It contains tryptophan that can act as sedative and help you fall asleep.

Sleep in Dark Room

While going to bed make sure to turn off all the lights. Pull all the curtains down so that there will be less light in your room. Exposure to light can cause decreased production of melanin. Thus your body won’t be able to figure out that its sleep time.

Sleep in a Cooler Room

Turn on your Air Conditioner and keep your room temperature cool. Researchers have found that people who sleep at a temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit can burn 7% more calories.

Consume Less Caffeine

Cut off your caffeine intake as low as possible, especially before you head to bed.

Switch off all Electronic Devices

It has been found out that the short wavelength blue light emitted by all electronic devices causes decreased melanin production. This leads to wakefulness our body. So if you are willing to get some good night sleep keep your iPad, laptop, and cellphone at a distance.


Sleep is imperative for proper functioning of your body. Our body burn most of the calories while we are sleeping. This means that to have low fat you need to have a proper sleep. It is time to take a break from dieting. Sit down and plan your habits of sleeping. After all, a healthy body and a healthy mind are better than anything else in this world!