4 Foods to Fight Belly Fat

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When you have an office job, you begin to notice that you have started to put on some weight. First, it is not such a big deal, as it is not noticeable, but then it starts to get scary. The scariest part is having a belly fat and a greater risk of diseases that come with it.

You develop a routine where you are sitting at your desk feel to worn out at the end of the day to exercise. You also may notice you are eating what is convenient rather than healthy. You know you have to do something with the belly fat. You may start some diet but are unable to stick to it because you begin to feel lethargic and unfocused in work due to hunger and deficiency of nutrients. What may be able to help in this time of need it to change your diet to things that assist you to lose some weight as well as maintain my health?

As it is important to work out and exercise, it is crucial to eat the right kind of food. It wouldn’t work if we move more but don’t stop from junk and unhealthy fatty food.

Four foods that support the maintenance of health and fight belly fat are:


  • Eggs used to consider bad because of cholesterol, but research has shown that there is no such thing. They contain healthy fats and protein that fulfill body needs of nutrients and makes us feel full for a long time.


  • Meat is known to be bad because it was thought to be the cause of many health problems but none of it was proved. Processed meat is unhealthy, but otherwise, meat is a weight loss friendly food. It offers high protein percentage and gives feelings of satiety. Eating high protein diet can also lead to burning of 80-100 calories per day. It also cut down our food cravings.

Leafy Greens

  • Leafy greens like kale, spinach, and many others are perfect for weight loss. They are low-calorie and are loaded with fiber. Having leafy greens in meals can increase the volume as well as make fewer calories overall. They have all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They have calcium which helps in burning of fats.


  • Avocado is a different yet a unique fruit which is full of healthy fats. They have the same acid that is found in olive oil. They also have a lot of water content in them. They don’t have much energy in them but can be used in salads and meals. They are rich in dietary fiber and potassium that helps in maintenance of belly muscles.

Earth is gifted with so many versatile kinds of fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans and oils and what not, that are good for our health and will save us from getting obese. It includes legumes, tuna, salmon, boiled potatoes, coconut oil, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, some whole grains, chili pepper, chia seeds and so on. One can make a diet chart and follow it with trying different types of weight loss friendly food.