Nails Salons and Tanning Raise Risk For Skin Cancer

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Nails Salons and Tanning Raise Risk For Skin Cancer

How often do you visit your nail salon? Do you love your French manicure? Looking beautiful and clean is every woman’s dream.

Nail care and French manicures are becoming one of the latest trends. You won’t find a single girl who does not appreciate well groomed, polished nails. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t cause any effect on your health status.
As we are advancing and finding new things we are also getting exposed to new diseases and health risks. Wonder why?

Skin cancer is among those few health risk that is increasing day by day and becoming a world health concern. There are many reasons which can cause a person to be exposed to this fatality. After doing much research, scientist have come to a conclusion that the techniques used in the nail salon are exposing more and more people to skin cancer.  The question is what is actually in a nail salon that causes cancer?

The nail salon uses UV lamps to dry the nail paint faster. It is good as you don’t have to wait for hours to get the nail paint dry. These UV lamps as the name indicates are using UV radiation. Of course, it doesn’t cost you any pain but what it does to the skin is quite more than that. UV rays cause mutations in the cell DNA. These mutations after several uses transform into something like cancer.

According to research conducted by the Medical College of Georgia, just eight visits to a nail salon can get you a skin cancer. There is much research conducted that proves that a frequent visit to a nail salon can lead you to a dead end.

For a new study, the scientist measured the amount of UV-A rays emitted by different UV lamps. These UV lamps were taken from 16 different nail salons for study. The researchers concluded that the rate at which it emits UV-A rays increases with increase in Watt of the lamp. However, it does not emit a significant amount of UV-A rays, but the probability that a person can get skin cancer is always present. UV-A rays emitted are the main culprit that causes skin aging and wrinkles. Hopefully, they are found in UV lamps. The quantity doesn’t matter.

Tanning beds also emit the same radiations that are used in nail salons and spas. No matter what facts they give you to prove its safeties, they can lead to cancer. Tanning is not at all a good sign whether you get it from a salon or a beach. UV rays cause it because it is the main culprit that causes skin cancer. That is the reason that in 2009 WHO labeled tanning machine as containing high levels of the carcinogen. It was declared as a major threat to health.

After giving you many reasons, it is better to stay away from such things. The nail salons need to find something better than UV lamps. After all one safety is what we should always strive for!