5 Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, influences as many as 30 million men in the United States of America. Nearly half of men around the age of 75 face dysfunction of erectile (ED), it is stated by the National Institute of Health.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is often “impotence”. It is a situation in which man cannot attain or keep an erection during sexual performance. Signs may also possess less sexual or libido.
These kinds of problems can take place at any time and to any man. Reasons importantly include:
• Fatigue
• Relationship Issues
• Stress
• Alcohol consumption
• Performance Anxiety

Your doctor is probably to diagnose you with erectile dysfunction if the situation lasts for more than a week or months.
Usual treatments involve vacuum pumps, pharmaceutical medicines, surgery, and implants. However, many men like to have natural options. Research has discovered that some natural options can make better your erectile dysfunction signs.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Many factors can grow your risk for Dysfunction of Erectile (ED). Achieving an erection involves the brain, muscles, blood vessels, hormones, and nerves. A problem with any of these elements can stop the normal functioning of the penis. Some Usual Reasons of Dysfunction of Erectile involve:
• Heart Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Enlarge Prostate Gland
• Tobacco Use
Another study discovered that continuous use of consumption of alcohol persuades erectile dysfunction as well. Seventy-two percent of men identified with alcohol dependence syndrome were diagnosed with alcohol identified with dysfunction of sexual. This involves premature ejaculation and dysfunction of erectile.

When to Visit Your Doctor

It’s major to check with your doctor because Dysfunction of Erectile may be a sign of additional health-related issues. For instance, suppose you are diagnosed heart disease, you can take many steps that will probably improve both your health of the heart and your Dysfunction of Erectile. This involves reducing your cholesterol, lowering your weight, or taking medications to unclog your vessels of blood.

Your doctor will probably prescribe some of usual treatments if other health problems are not discovered to be the reason of ED (Dysfunction of Erectile). But you may also choose natural choices.

Natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction involve lifestyle changes, such as:
• Exercising
• Stopping Smoking
• Curbing Alcohol Intake
• Losing Weight

Usual Treatments for ED: Medications

Medications like Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra increase flow of blood to the penis. However they can also cause side effects, involving:
• Nasal Congestion
• Upset Stomach
• Headache
• Vision Changes
• Facial Flushing
• Dizziness

Men who have gone through a stroke or have uncontrolled diabetes or low pressure of blood should not take ED medications.

Usual Treatments for ED: Non-Drug Options

Here we are giving your just the names of non-drug solution to maintain an erection and overcome erectile dysfunction. These treatments have no side effect and also helping to keep you away from ED. Here are the names of treatments:
• Natural Solution 1 and 2: Rhodiola Rosea and Panax Ginseng
• Natural Solution 3: DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
• Natural Solution 4: L-Arginine
• Natural Solution 5: Acupuncture


Living with erectile dysfunction can be challenging and affect intimate areas of your life. However, there are always ways to temporarily treat your ED with medications or treat them for good. Visit your doctor before taking any medications for your erectile dysfunction.