Early Symptoms of Diabetes

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Whether you have Prediabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes, it is a very serious disease that nobody should joke about. If you’re afraid that you might be showing early signs, or if you’re just here to look into what you have to be afraid of then keep on reading because we’ll educate you on what the warning signs of diabetes are, and how you can actually prevent it.

This is not to say that it can be fully avoided if you’re already showing major signs of diabetes. If you really do have diabetes, then go to your family doctor as soon as possible. We can’t help you if you’re that far down the road. But, for everyone else, this might be quite informative. Anyway, enough chit chatter, let’s get right into early symptoms of diabetes!

Constant Hunger While Losing Weight or Gaining Weight

It may not sound like losing weight might would be a bad thing, but trust us, it is. If you’re eating more than ever and you’re losing weight, then you might be showing early signs of diabetes. At this stage, it can be prevented, so if this sounds even remotely like what you might be experiencing then get up off of your couch and visit the doctor as soon as possible. This might be the only sign you get, so make sure you take full advantage of it. As for if you are experiencing rapid weight gain without and find yourself eating less, it may also be another symptom of diabetes. Being overweight also makes you more prone to diabetes.


Blurred Vision and Constant Headaches

Again, these might not seem like the most obvious signs out there, and they could easily be attributed to exhaustion, stress or just a simple cold, but keep in mind that these could also be the only signs you get before it’s too late! Don’t even think about ignoring these signs. If you feel overly exhausted this can also be a major sign of diabetes. Make sure you take no bets by scheduling regular check-ups with a doctor. It might be expensive, but no matter the price, it is more than worth your life!


Tingling and Numbness of the Hands and Feet

This is about as clear as the signs of diabetes will get. If you randomly lose control of your hands and feet then you may very well prepare to go to the doctor immediately. This is a very serious sign that should never be ignored. If you feel like your hands and feet are randomly tingling and they start getting numb out of nowhere then you definitely suffer of something. It might not be diabetes, but you definitely need to pay the doctor a visit sooner or later because your life may be at stake here. Don’t ignore this sign, it is one of the clearest sings you’ll ever get, and if it happens often times then you might very well be very close to not being able to prevent whatever’s wrong with you at this point. Get yourself checked immediately, cancel every plan you have and take the fastest road towards the nearest hospital right away!


No More Alcohol or Cigars

If you want to prevent it then you need to do a few sacrifices. A lot of people would rather choose to believe that they will not get diabetic later on in life because of alcohol or cigarettes, but those people are wrong. Yes, they might be lucky enough to not get diabetes later on in life, but that doesn’t mean that you have a smaller chance of getting it. Your chances are as big as everybody else… no… they are even bigger. Just because your friends were lucky that doesn’t mean that you’ll be just as lucky as they were.


Avoid Stressful Situations

We know that nobody chooses to go through stressful moments, but even so, it doesn’t hurt to try to avoid them from time to time. Make sure that you avoid any conflicts with anyone else, especially people that you love or coworkers. Make sure that you don’t anger anyone else and that you do everything as perfectly as possible. Maintaining a smile on your face might not be the easiest thing to do, but think about your health for once. One smile today could prevent a lot of tears later on.


In conclusion, make sure that you visit the doctor on a monthly basis and if you feel like you might have experienced any of the signs of diabetes that we listed above, then contact your doctor right away. Stay safe, and most importantly, stay healthy!