Why Women Struggle More in Losing Weight Than Men

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Ladies, have you ever wondered how your partner has transitioned from looking like a football to looking like a suave footballer in just a year, while you are still stuck up looking like a potato? Stress not, it’s not just in your head, rather a scientifically proved phenomenon that women throughout the world experience.

Women not being able to shed those extra pounds quickly, is due to some reasons. It can be caused by your physical differences than men or even be due to cognitive variations in how our brains are wired differently than men. Losing weight can be harder with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), losing weight can be harder after pregnancy, or even just because your body has been designed differently than a man’s body.

Difference in Body Fat

Men have a lot less fat in their body, in fact, their bodies are programmed to make more protein to be stored in muscle tissues instead of fat. Sadly, women’s bodies produce more fats to be deposited under our skin in the adipose tissues.

The fat in men’s body is usually stored in their abdominal region, while women’s body are wired to produce more fat to manufacture steroid hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. The remaining fat in women is accumulated near the mammary glands (chest region) and the hip area. Losing fat from these parts of the body proves to be much harder than the abdominal region.

Women Are Emotional Eaters

Women have a tendency to overeat in stressful situations. Men only focus on their problems and contemplate in such situations. This excessive eating pattern in women is another reason why losing weight for women is harder than for men.

Another critical cognitive condition that is observed in women is the disorder called Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa victims usually tread on strict eating diet plans, but later following bouts of overeating. This disorder is very common in young women and girls who vow to lose weight by following fad diets and difficult workout sessions and later reward themselves with a sugar laden treat, eventually losing control of their excessive eating.

Sleep Deprivation

Women who sleep less than 7 hours, find losing weight much harder than men. Men usually tend to follow calculated and regulated sleeping patterns, while women find it challenging to find time to receive a good night’s sleep while juggling between their professional careers and their family and social lives. Sleep deprived women tend to compensate for their energy levels by consuming more energy rich foods throughout the day, resulting in fat accumulation in the body.

Different Body Functions

Women’s bodies are developed to support our reproductive cycles. Our bodies continuously change during menstrual cycle, in pregnancy, and after menopause. Losing weight while breastfeeding is proved to be difficult due to the presence of the hormone prolactin, which increases our appetite and encourages weight gain in lactating mothers.

Similarly, losing weight is harder after menopause is another reason why women tend to fail in this weight loss race with men. After menopause, estrogen levels in a woman’s body drop drastically. This leads to a slower metabolism resulting in more fat storage in the female body.

Women can ace this race to lose weight by only monitoring the following factors:

• Get 6 – 8 hours of sleep to replenish their energy levels
• Eat balanced meals with controlled portion size
• Exercise on a regular basis per the shape and needs of your body

Following these simple daily steps can combat such weight gain problems and lead to a much healthier lifestyle, and noticeable weight reduction in women.

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