Venus Factor System Review – Weight Loss for Women

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Weight loss for women can be an arduous journey. With hormonal imbalances, pregnancy weight, and the female anatomy being very much different than men, it may lead to question if what you are doing is working for you. Also, certain diets, exercises, and supplements may be targeted to men rather than women. Because of this, we’ve compiled a thorough review of the Venus Factor System by John Barban.

What is the Venus Factor System?

The Venus Factor System is a program specifically for women who are looking to lose weight. After completing 12 weeks of the system, it is promised to lose weight and rebalance hormones that control metabolism. This program takes multiple factors into consideration to promote weight loss for women. These factors include age, weight, height, fitness level, and body shape to determine the nutritional requirements for a woman to lose weight. Therefore, it is a customized plan that will help a woman choose the right foods for each meal. It also gives insight on how choosing the right foods at the correct timing (based on the woman’s requirements) will bring the change you want to see.

The success of the Venus Factor System focuses on Leptin, which is the primary hormone that promotes a female metabolism to burn fat. The Venus Factor aids in eliminating leptin resistance, so the body is continuously burning fat at it’s full potential.

In addition, the Venus Factor System includes customized exercises designed for the female body. What is so great about this is that all the exercises can be performed at the convenience of your home without the need of fitness equipment.

How Does the Venus Factor System Work?

The Venus Factor System operates in three different phrases. The creator of the Venus Factor, John Barban, recognized a major glitch in the female body that can cause them to gain extra weight quickly. This major factor, Leptin hormone, can cause the female body to become overweight and out of shape. Leptin also controls fat storage in a woman’s body. When you can control the leptin, you can lose weight by burning fat. As women age, they start gaining weight, and it becomes harder and harder to lose it because their leptin sensitivity is compromised. Thus, the Venus Factor System is specifically designed for women and works on a unique approach from other traditional diets.

Venus Factor Pros and Cons

The pro’s of the Venus Factor System outweighs the cons. This is easily recognizable upon first purchase.


• Simple to follow and Comprehend
• Quick Weight Loss Results
• Tones the Entire Female Body
• Focuses on Leptin Hormone
• Easy to Implement
• Digital Product so no Shipping Fee
• Fast Customer Support
• Works Only for Woman’s Body
• Exclusive Access to Members Only Venus Factor Community
• Venus Factor Nutritional Software
• Venus Factor Index Podcast


• Not Applicable for Men’s Weight Loss
• It is a Digital Download in an E-book format so no hardcopy


If you are a woman who is having a rough time seeing the numbers on the scale go down, Venus Factor is recommended for you. The 12-week program offers a 60-day money back guarantee because John Barban is so confident you will be happy with you weight loss results.