Blood Type Diet – How Does it Work?

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You hear and read about so many diet trends that always keep appearing and disappearing on the internet. However, have you ever heard of the blood type diet before?

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If not, then we are about to take you on a roller coaster ride that will change the way you look at food and your blood type!

The blood type diet has taken the health and fitness world by storm. Not only people love this new diet trend, but some are even experiencing incredible changes that the diet has brought in their bodies!  We let out all the reasons why you should and should try the blood type diet, and decide for yourself!

Understanding the Blood Type Diet

To understand the blood type diet completely, we first have to dive deep and understand the dynamics behind four different types of blood. The red blood cells of the body possess antigen markers on their surface. These antigen markers are responsible for detecting pathogenic foreign agents that might invade the body.

Each body has a different antigen marker on it. Those with Blood Type A have antigen A on their Blood cells, while those with Blood type B have antigen B as their surface marker. Blood Type AB has both antigen A and B, attached to their surface, while O blood types have neither!

This diet is based on a firm belief that the nutrients that we consume in our daily life may affect the way our blood type responds to it. Each blood type, be it A, B, AB or O, each responds differently to the food we consume.

The right kinds of food for each blood type play a part in better nutrient absorption, better overall health, a strengthened immune system and even a loss of weight!

What Foods to Eat for Each Blood Type?

If you are willing to adopt this new diet trend, then the following this blood type diet chart will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Blood Type A:

Blood Type Diet for A blood group specifies that a diet which is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables diet should be consumed. It recommends to limit the intake of protein-rich foods, such as red meat and dairy products.

Blood Type B:

People with blood group B are recommended a diet which contains a healthy mix of vegetables, fresh fruits, meat from venison and lamb. They are to avoid poultry products, some kinds of cheese and certain legumes.

Blood Type AB:

Blood Type diet for AB blood group has the benefit of combining the best diets of blood groups A and B. With the freedom to choose from mutton, fish, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and dairy products; it is the best diet out of the lot!

Blood Type O:

.Blood Type diet for O blood group’s diet plan encourages its followers to shun dairy and carbs. It also is beneficial for this blood group that protein intake should be promoted. People with blood type O need to avoid legumes, beans, as well as dairy products.


A blood type based diet can help overall health as well as obtaining your weight loss goals. If you have your past diet attempts have been a failure, you may want to look into the blood type diet by Primal Body Detox.