5 Benefits of Exercise

Night owls love to work out at night and then use this freshly gained energy to stay up and work late until the wee hours of the morning.

Early risers, on the other hand, love to get up when the first rays of the sun hit the earth and exercise till everybody else wakes up!

Day or Night: What floats your boat?

The never-ending argument of whether work out in the morning or at night is favorable has been dragged into every fitness enthusiast’s conversation at least once in their lifetime.

Working out at night may have its appeal, but morning workout routines fare so much better at providing physical and mental health benefits. We studied the morning workout routine and discovered the following productive advantages!

1. Constant Mood Levels Throughout the Day:

Working out in the mornings, ensures a steady flow of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, into the bloodstream. Dopamine is responsible for elevating our mood levels and curbing mood swings. If you work out early in the morning, chances are you will be able to have and manage a great day no matter what comes your way!

2. Kick Start Your Metabolism:

Work out in morning will help activate your body’s metabolism early in the day. Following your workout session in the gym, your meals for the rest of the day will be digested without any difficulty! Leaving you with a happy, and healthy gut with no bloating issues.

3. Better Appetite for Breakfast:

Physical exertion early in the morning is bound to leave you famished. Loading on breakfast on time will ensure that you feel full and have a better appetite for food later in the day. Workout in the morning before breakfast and your appetite for proportionate meals will guarantee that you do not indulge in sugary snacks later on.

4. Lead an Organized Living:

Consider this; you wake up at around noon, you have missed your breakfast and now your lunch timings as well. You cannot as much as think straight let alone work at this hour, until you get rid of this ‘sleep hangover’, and now you feel as if the days are getting shorter! Morning workout routine sets a scheduled daily routine for you to follow.

• Wake up
• Exercise
• Take a shower
• Have breakfast
• Off to work

You will find that this morning routine takes less than 3 hours, yet every activity goes on smoothly without the need to fuss about getting late for work! If you start your day well, there is a high probability that it will end just as well.

5. Sleep Better on Later Days:

‘Early to bed and early to rise,’ no longer remains just a phrase for our first larks. When you wake up earlier, you get to sleep early at night too! This pattern allows you to accomplish that 8-hour sleep goal, without any trouble. Rising with the sun will allow your body to synchronize itself with your body’s natural biological clock, thus, boosting peaceful sleeping habits.

Morning workout routine always has the edge over working out at night. Break your sweat with the break of dawn, and you will comprehend and unlock the potential to lead a lively and vigorous lifestyle!