5 Fun Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

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Keeping hydrated is an essential part of daily health. A lack of sufficient water intake not only risks kidney problems and dehydration but also accelerates the rate at which wrinkles are formed, inhibits energy and allows toxins to accumulate in the body. While water must be consumed, for many, the lack of flavor makes drinking from the tap incredibly hard. We look at the best five ways to increase your water intake and ensure that you receive all the benefits it provides your mind and body. Spruce up your water with the five tips below:

1. Add Lemon

The easiest and healthiest way to enjoy plain tap water is to add a fresh slice of lemon. Lemon is a deep citrus flavor adding the benefit of vitamin C to your glass of fresh water. This is an excellent addition if you love a hint of lemon. You could also add the citrus fruit to sparkling water for a truly refreshing beverage.

2. Incorporate Fresh Fruits

If you are not a fan of the regular lemon and lime flavors, consider fruits that you prefer to add to water. To prevent these fruits from creating a mushy consistency in your drink, take some time to freeze select fruits and add as tasty ice blocks. Berries, melon, peaches, and apples are the most popular additions for a flavorful beverage.

3. Adding Juice

Frozen and fresh fruits may require some preparation but if you are looking for a more accessible alternative to improve the taste of tap water, pour some natural fruit juice into the water to create a sweetened and tasty option. Popular choices include berry mixes, cranberry juice, and pineapple or grape juice.

4. Frozen Fruit Cubes

You could also create cubed fruit juice by pouring a chosen flavor into the ice cube tray and freezing. Allowing your frozen fruit juice cubes to melt in a glass of water and introduce a sweet and flavorful combination.

5. Minty Fresh

Mint is a powerful flavor but when added to water can instantly transform the average beverage. Pop a few mint leaves into water and add its intense fresh flavor.


To remove the dull taste of water, you can add herbal solutions, dilute tea, add some candies or drink sparkling water to create a tasty preparation. Including sugar in a glass can sweeten water; however, it introduces unnecessary calories and is an unhealthy choice. Consider fresh fruits and alternatives to enhance flavor and the amount of water you drink daily.