Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

When you occasionally experience difficulty remembering a name but later on remembers, it’s not considered a serious memory illness. However, if your day to day life is seriously under attack by memory illnesses, it could be regarded as an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Most times aging is associated with minor forgetfulness as habit. Though the symptoms that manifest and there intensity might differ, identifying the early signs is necessary.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is the most common symptom of Alzheimer’s. When you easily forget information you learnt a few moment ago, have difficulty keeping up with dates, names, and events. Asking for the same information multiple times. These are all clear signs that you have memory loss issue.

Trouble Planning and Problem Solving

Making plans is easy but sticking to it is a daunting task. People living with Alzheimer’s finds it hard to maintain consistency in virtually everything they do. Finding it hard to follow a plan made to the later especially if they are number related.

Daily Task Become a Challenge

Finding it hard to accomplish jobs that were familiar to you. Such jobs as driving to known location, rules of a familiar game and completing an ordinary task at work.

Times and Places are Confusing

Difficulty understanding something or an event happening in real time, easily disoriented, instantly forgetting your geographical location. Having problem answering the “How did I get here?” question. This distortion caused by Alzheimer’s on time perception can cause emotional misconduct such as anger and loss of self.

Changes in Vision

Having hard times reading and assimilating, given wrong judgment of distances, experiencing difficulty distinguishing color types etc. the negative effect of Alzheimer’s of vision is of great concern because up to 60% of individuals with the disease will have some level of decline in their visual capacity

Words and Conversations are Frustrating

Because sharpness has been reduced, effective words articulation in terms of vocabulary is lost. These consequently result in making conversation difficult. You find yourself not contributing to a conversion.

You Lose Things

It’s a common occurrence to misplace a thing sometimes, but can you think through and find it again? When you find yourself constantly accusing others for taking things that is a sign. As the illness progresses or worsens, losing things becomes a habit. Most people with this type of habit finds it easy to shift responsibility of their actions to others.

Lapse in Judgment

Poor decision making is directly associated with Alzheimer’s. You can find individuals who are constantly making mistake with money such mistake as wrong investment. Taking less care of yourself and dressing for the wrong weather.